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A Man Called Ove Review

Title: A Man Called Ove
Original Title: En man som heter Ove
Author: Fredrik Backman
Translated by: Henning Koch
Published: 2012
Country: Sweden
Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: A young family moves in next door to the grumpy, old Ove. He thinks they are the family from hell but when he gets to know them, we get to know him.

I absolutely loved this. I laughed. I cried. I wept! The story was written so beautifully and the characters felt so real that you joined in their laughter, their thoughts and their despair. Mr. Backman uses a great amount of sarcastic and witty writing that resonated well with me and that made it that more heart wrenching when something sad happened to any of our characters.

Ove reminded me of a friends’ grandfather from back home and the grumpy, pessimistic attitude he would have against changing times. But Ove was so much more than an old grumpy man – he experienced great loss and forgot how to live until life brought joy back into his world.

A gorgeous story with gorgeous characters that show that people are on their own journey and that sometimes getting to know someone and showing them kindness and love can be the one thing that someone needed in their life.

Verdict: I must watch the movie and I must read more by Backman!

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