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The Diabolic Trilogy

Title: The Diabolic
Author: S. J. Kincaid
Published: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: YA Science Fiction

Synopsis: Nemesis, a Diabolic, is created to protect Sidonia, a politicians’ daughter. When the Emperor summons Sidonia, Nemesis goes in her place to protect her from their family’s enemies.

Title: The Empress
Author: S. J. Kincaid
Published: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: YA Science Fiction

Synopsis: With a new EMperor on the throne, a new person for Nemesis to protect, and a challenge to the status quo of Diabolic rights, Nemesis’s saga continues.

Book #3: TBD, possibly Summer 2019

My thoughts on Book #1: I really enjoyed this book! We follow the story of Nemesis, a Diabolic. A humanoid engineered for companionship and protection, she has to learn how to be human and all of the struggles that come with it. There is love, despair, anger, betrayal and forgiveness – all emotions that teach her that there is so much more than simply what she was created for. I really enjoyed the perspective from Nemesis and her struggle with finding herself and her loyalties.

Found on Tumblr

I buddy read this with a group of gals and we had some awesome discussions, thoughts and predictions, some of which came true, while others didn’t. Kincaid developed a rich, futuristic universe that didn’t seem totally unbelievable but still had enough fiction to really engage the creative senses. I definitely got a Star Wars meets The Selection vibe and thoroughly enjoyed reading the story.

My thoughts on Book #2: What a change in enjoyment from the first book.
This was such a boring book. I LOVED The Diabolic and Nemesis but in this one, she just spent half the book being selfish and short sighted. I still don’t care for Tyrus and my suspicions from book 1 were confirmed! Ha. But oh man, this just didn’t do it for me.

After the events of The Diabolic, Tyrus and Nemesis aren’t the most popular in the galaxy. So they take on a journey to try and change some rules, politics and minds on their way.

From Tumblr

It literally was dragging until almost page 100 when it finally got interesting. Then it was boring again until about 75% of the way through. The ending was pretty intense and set up for the third (when do we get it 😦 !!!!) but I don’t think I will be pre-ordering or jumping on the third book right away. Which is a bummer, because the first was so good!

Fun fact: There may be a movie coming out! Sony Pictures announced in 2016 that they were adapting a movie based on this book. We shall see if it happens but currently there is no further news. Check out the article if you’re curious: https://variety.com/2016/film/news/sony-s-j-kincaid-thriller-the-diabolic-movie-1201911708/

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