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Midnight at the Electric Review

Title: Midnight at the Electric
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
Published: 2017
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Country: US

This book is a multi-perspective with three story lines: Kansas, 2065; Oklahoma, 1934; and England, 1919.

We primarily follow Adri, a young woman in 2065 who is preparing to go to Mars as part of the first wave of colonist. She leaves Miami for Canaan, Kansas to stay with an aunt on her farm that she’s never met and prepares for her journey. She finds a journal from someone named Catherine that lived at the farm in 1934 during the Dust Bowl. She also finds letters from someone named Lenore, dated 1919 and addressed to the farm. As she deals with her final weeks on Earth, she and her Aunt Lily are determined to find out who these people were and piece together their life story.

This was a nice story but nothing mind blowing. Adri is arrogant and unpleasant while Lily is eccentric and very friendly but they get along pretty well. I really liked the idea of the three story lines and how they tied in together though. It was interesting to see them span several generations and coming full circle at the end.

I will say though, the title of the book doesn’t make sense to me since The Electric, part of a traveling carnival that Catherine visits in 1934, is only mentioned in her journal and so i don’t really understand what the point of it was, other than the shattered hope it gave Catherine. Maybe it had to do with the end of her final journal entry? I have no idea but if you think this is about a carnival, it’s not. Which is fine, just had me confused throughout the whole book as I was trying to figure out the point.

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