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2019 Unhaul Challenge – Legend Trilogy

If you didn’t see my post about my 2019 Unhaul Challenge, welcome! I am spending this year (and probably next year) going through several piles of books that I am “reading to keep” or unhauling if I don’t like the book (or 1st book in a series) within 100 pages. This will help me eliminate some books I don’t like and also help me refine my reading tastes further. I’m pretty excited about this project!

For more on my challenge, check this link or click the 2019 Unhaul Challenge tag https://allthesewanders.com/2019/02/11/2019-unhaul-challenge/

I chose my next victim to be Marie Lu’s debut novel, Legend! And guess what everyone, I LOVED it. If you liked The Hunger Games or Divergent, this is right up there with excitement and dystopian YA, one of my personal favorite genres. I loved her most recent duology, Warcross and Wildcard, so I am not surprised I enjoyed this. Here is the Goodreads synopsis:

From different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths…
Until June’s brother is murdered, and Day becomes the prime suspect.
In a shocking turn of events, the two uncover what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths to which their country will go to keep its secrets.


credit: legendfandom.net

Verdict: This was so good! I didn’t find any problems that immediately stuck out to me and pulled me out of the story, which doesn’t happen very often. June is born and bred to be a leader in the Republic and quickly learns that what she’s believed all her life may not be true. While Day, escaped from a prison camp and remaining in hiding to help his family when his youngest brother comes down with plague, is now accused of murdering Captain Iparis, who is June’s older brother. Their paths cross and they both learn many secrets and have to work together. This set up the next novel quite nicely and I look forward to continuing on with the series!

Even better, I discovered there’s a graphic novel adaptation of each book so I will have to check that out to get some great visuals of this story!

Excitingly, Book #4 was just announced and there is a prequel!

And finally, there is a movie production in the works. Legend came out in 2011 and movie rights were acquired but it moved to a new studio and a new script is in the works (according to a June 2018 article – https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/adaptation-marie-lu-s-legend-finds-new-home-1129931)

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