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Best of 2018

2018 was not a great reading year for me. Out of the 55 books I read, I only loved 9 (and one of those was a reread!) Let’s hope that 2019 fares better for me in both book choices, and reading enjoyment! Hope you all had a good reading year and Happy New Year!!

Warcross/Wildcard Duology: I read Warcross last year and LOVED it. Wildcard was one of my most anticipated of 2018 and it did not disappoint! I reread the first one, which was good to bring me back into the story and reintroduce me to all of the characters. I thought they were both really good and would love to see more of this world in the future.

The Lost for Words Bookshop: This was such a lovely story but it’s hard to describe. I laughed, I’m sure I cried, and I still think about it, even though I read it in June. I read the arc and am so glad I did.

The Penelopiad: I love Greek mythology and Margaret Atwood is a great story teller. This was for my Women in Arts & Literature class and I am so glad I read it! As far as retellings go, I am so on board of reading about minor or forgotten characters and will likely read more in 2019!

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy Book 3): This was the third book I read in 2018 and I am soooo excited for the Nikolai Duology! I definitely loved the entire trilogy and will be rereading these and starting the Six of Crows Duology before delving back in to see my favorite character in the newest novel. This world is so much fun and I really enjoyed this one.

Scythe (Arc of a Scythe Book 1): I absolutely love this world. While I also enjoyed Thunderhead (Book 2) and can’t wait for Book 3 to release in 2019, this will probably remain my favorite. It was unique and interesting and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I listened to the audio book of this one and the narrator did a great job building the suspense. I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Throne of Glass/Crown of Midnight/Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass Series, Books 1, 2, and prequel): I have a love-hate relationship with these books. The writing is nothing spectacular; Celeana is insufferable and annoying; and there are so many overused terms/phrases that drive me crazy. However, the story is highly entertaining and the world is so interesting. It’s definitely akin to Game of Thrones, so don’t be fooled, it’s not original. But it’s got great political intrigue, mythology, and world building that I enjoy so although they aren’t any literary phenomenon or masterpiece, they still do their job of entertaining me and I am finishing the series in 2019 (currently on Empire of Storms (Book 5)).

I am looking forward to seeing what books will be my favorite in 2019!

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